Welcome to our little oasis of relaxation.

A feeling of well-being and relaxation is important especially when on holiday! Our wellness centre is a small but important area in our hotel. To enhance and improve our area for "pampering oneself, we have created an environment that allows you to relax after a strenuous hike, cycle-ride or a day of skiing in the snow-covered mountains.

Our wellness center with sauna, turkish bath, relaxation room with two shower stalls and exercise bikes.

Finnish sauna: 90C dry temperature

The stresses of everyday life with melt away in the sauna, leaving you with a sense of peace and immense relaxation.

The benefits of a Finnish Sauna:

There are important health benefits of a Finnish Sauna. Blood pressure is lowered, heart activity is increased, toxins are washed from your skin, and it is said that saunas aid in losing inches as well. The heat feels very relaxing on the muscles in your body.

The benefits of a Turkish bath - the easy way to recharge your batteries!

45C Essential oils and therapeutic herbs diffused in the steam are absorbed through the skin and respiratory tract before working their magic on the entire body. A Turkish bath is the perfect remedy for stress and the uncomfortable physiological reactions it can provoke thanks to the soothing and all- round relaxing effect the hot steam has on both body and mind. A Turkish bath is the ideal antidote to all those tensions that build up over a sporting day, banishing every kind of stress. The sense of wellbeing generated by the steam bath is not limited to the psyche.

Jacuzzi tub Four-person whirlpool tub to enjoy the relaxing benefits of water therapy.