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A history which begins in prehistory
The first signs of human presence in the Camonica Valley date back about 10.000 years ago: 170.000 stone engravings, discovered in this century, illustrate eight millennia of history of the Camunian tribe before the Roman Empire. The National Park of Stone Engravings and its Camunian Centre of Prehistoric Studies have their headquarters in Capo di Ponte.
There are a lot of evidences of the Romanic architecture of the XI and XII centuries in the Camonica Valley: remarkable are the Churches of S.Siro and S.Safvatore in Capo di Ponte. Pisogne boasts important frescoes by Romanino in the church of the Madonna della Neve; in Montecchio, the main church has interesting frescoes of the school of Giovan Pietro da Cemmo.
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