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Everything to suit all ages and tastes. And don't miss our famous Festival "Rosa in Gabicce"! If you take a walk along the canal harbour you can smell the fragrance of grilled and skewered fish and reach the big boats which can offer you the exciting experience of a brief high-sea cruise. A convenient wide panoramic road leads to Gabicce Monte with others hotels, typical restaurants, dancing and night clubs with a fabulous view. Here in the past stood the old castle of the feudal lord Ligabitio and the old kilns of the famous potter Lanfranco, who first decorated his ceramics with gold. If you follow the same road there are many beautiful views of cliffs sheer above the sea. It is worth stopping to visit the various old villages before reaching the neighbouring town of Pesaro. When the sun goes down over the beach a whole new world unfolds before your eyes, Up and down the coast the night bursts into life with countless attractions and lights.