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At Macerata Feltria highly recommended is a visit to the Castle, a monumental historical complex of the first importance and of considerable beauty. The Castle is composed of different constructions made between the XII and XIV centuries, that make up a marvelous and complete medieval town, surrounded intermittently by a fortified wall of which remain numerous traces. One of the most significant monuments of the town is the Church of Saint Francis, dating back to the 1300's from the splendid gothic portal.
A little further you go beyond the Pelasgi Arc (that was named in honour of the mythical traveller that came from the sea and founded the city, known in Roman times as Pitinum Pisaurense) and then climbing up along a short and narrow street paved in stone that is near to the Palazzo Evangelisti (XVI cent.) and the small church of Saint Joseph (XIV cent.).
You reach a small square that is in front of the Palace of Podest, which actual houses the Archeological and Palentological Museum. A small distance further on, in a panoramic position, rising up, is the Civic Tower from Roman times. The theatre of Macerata Feltria is alive in the summer and in the autumn with a season of prose.
Going away from the town, in the direction of Ponte Cappuccini, on the immediate perifery of Macerata Fletria is the ultimate emotion: the splendid parish church of Saint Cassiano. This is one of the most ancient churches of Montefeltro and was built a short time after the "Mille" on a pre- exising pagan temple. It has a gothic portal. In the interior (roman structure and three naves) is a statue of Saint Sebastian (Tuscan school from the end of the 1400's) and a "Via Crucis" of Cantarelli (XVIII cent.).

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