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Artisan traditions and gastronomy
History and custom; artisan traditions such as Pesaro's majolica, live side by side mingling happily with the modern activities of the area.
There are annual exhibitions in the great showcase which is the Campanara fair grounds: the Furniture Exhibition, the Marches Produce...
At the port, tourist boats lie side by side next to the bizarre webs of nets belonging to the fishing boats that are the reat suppliers of "rostide" an fish soup.
Inland lies a sea of hills; the country-side softens to where the dark green of the oaks and the silver of the olives dominate and the small villages compete to offer hospitality and good cooking: "passatelli" cooked in the nearby Urbino fashion, tagliatelle, "porchette", pasticciate, crazy sausages from Fano, genuine sheep cheese, salamis from Montefeltro, delicious peaches from Montelabbate.