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Mount San Bartolo Nature Park has many impressing natural aspects, like broom flowers (spartium Junceum), which bloom in May, covering the slopes of the sea-facing hills in their golden colour, Plinio's reed (Arundo Pliniana), which stretches from the cliffs down to the beach, and the pebble beach itself, often shaped as a narrow strip that runs at the foot of projecting walls. After centuries of agricultural exploitation, vegetation is mostly present in its initial stages, with small woods developing in the small valleys, and on the slopes opposite the sea-front. These are especially interesting, due to the presence of the turkey oak (Quercus Cerris). Although the woods cannot be considered strictly as Mediterranean Bush, because the climate is temperate, examples of Mediterranean species can be found in them, like the Rhamnus Alaternus, the Phillirea Media, and the Smilax Aspera. The Park is also interesting as far as the fauna is concerned, especially during the winter, when recreational and fishing activities are at a low ebb, and do not trouble the life of the many species of sea birds of the area. Various uncommon types of seagull can then be seen, like the common gull, the Kittiwske or the Lesser Black-bached Gull, and even Cormorans, the Merganser, the Great-Crested Grebe, the Manx Shearwater, the Diver and the Eider. During the spring, there are interesting migration phenomena, and the cliffs are taken to by passing birds of prey, like Montagu's Harriers, Marsh Harriers, Hobbies, Honey Buzzard, Buzzards and a few rare Osprey. There are also herons and Storks, both black and white. With a due amount of patience and attention, it is also possible to notice a less known, though not so rare, migration, that of the beautiful Vanessa butterfly, that reaches our coast from the sea in springtime. The pebble beach, a quite isolated example on the Adriatic, has peculiar flora and fauna, with fish, mollusk and shellfish species which are typical of rocky sea-bottoms, like Chiton or Haliotis.

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