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Part of Mount San Bartolo Nature Park area has long been settled by humans, but with a respect for environmental values that adds further interest to the visit of the Park. The slopes that descend from the cliffs towards the interior of the region still present agricultural fieldswith lots of trees. The land is exposed to south-west, sheltered from the chilling bora winds from north-east, and this favours the growth of olive trees, vines and other fruit-trees, which preserve the traditional agricultural landscape, with its scattered rural houses, connected by a web of small country lanes. Nowadays, farmers live and work regularly only in some of the rural houses. Some of the others have become agricultural B&B and restaurants, and the country lanes now form a widespread network of nature-trekking paths, every now and again brushing the shadows of the ancient oaks. Ancient history left a few important traces in the Park area, ranging from the ancient harbours to the archaeological excavations of Colombarone, where a late-roman villa is being unearthed. All this, while the portion of sea in front of Gabicce Monte still treasures the myth of Valbruna, the vanished city. On the top of the cliffs, the string of historical villages unwinds, from Santa Marina to Gabicce Monte. The small alleys within the medieval walled castles enshrine small marvels, like the small village square in Casteldimezzo, or the foot of the bell-tower in Fiorenzuola di Focara, with its door, open on the bird's eye view of the sea. There are constant reminders of the Faith and popular religion, like the small and evocative country churchyards, or the Servite Nuns Cloister, or the Jeromite Saint Bartolo convent after which the hill was named, or the Casteldimezzo Sanctuary. The works of art kept in these places from the crucifix of Jacobello del Fiore, to the Viviani canvases are but an introduction to the great aristocratic villas of the Pesaro area, like the 15th/16th century Villa Imperiale, with its hidden garden and frescoed halls, or the Villa Caprile, with its famous water-tricks garden, and the adjacent early 19th century Villa Vittoria.

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