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The Waters

The aikaline water with a diuretic and slightiy laxative effect is used for water cures, inhalations and irrigation, especially in cases of nephrolithiasis, hepatic impairment and forms of chronic infiammations of the digestive tube.

The bromine water contains a large quantity of sodium chloride as well as lithium, bromine, iodine, magnesium and other elements and is utilised for inhalation and water cures in order to bring relleve to chronic and recessive infiammatory conditions (articular rheumatism, articular trauma, infiammatory affections of the respiratore tract, gynaecological infiammatory diseases etc.)

The sulphurous water contains mainly sulphur but also other elements like calcium and iron and is used for inhalation cures and irrigation in order to cure dermatosis, contraction of the nasal septum, respiratore affections (rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, etc.). It is understood that the medical indication about the use and effectiveness of the spa cures depends only on the decision of the doctor.