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Wine and Cuisine - Roaming through cellars and trattorie in search of wines, authentic products and dishes of the territory. The fish of this territory is among the best of the world: this is thanks to the deep waters, the saltiness of the sea, the presence of unique species, and to the organic cultivation of mussels, witha delicate, unique flavour. The hills are appreciated for their natural products, for the quality of the local wines and in particular Rosso Conero, one of the best red wines in the world, and white Verdicchio, produced nearby, with an intense, slightly bitter aroma. In recent years there has been a recovery in the production of numerous old cereal and pulse vrops (spelt, chickling) which make the flavours of these dishes even more original. Brodetto is one of the many recipes for fish soup in the Marches. In Ancona it is still prepared just as it was years ago, with as many as thirteen different types of fish, all caught in the Adriatic. You may choose elaborate dishes, but you will never forget the captivating taste of a fine grill, even just sardines, to be eaten with your fingers when they are still piping hot. From vincigrassi, a local variety of lasagne, to chicken "in potacchio" and rabbit "in porchetta", with aromatic wild fennel, to excellent grilled meats, let yourselves be tempted by this natural cuisine that has nothing to hide.

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