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Art, History and Culture - Thousands of years of history have left indelible traces of the numerous civilisations that have passed through, from the Piceni to the Romans and to the medieval architecture of the old towns. The art and culture of this territory are linked with its long history, first in Neolithic times and then during the civilisation of the Piceni and the Romans. The territory proudly preserves its medieval towns, its monuments and its museums, which house extremely important exhibits and works of art. Among the monuments and churches, in Ancona it is worth visiting the Mole Vanvitelliana, the Cathedral of San ciriaco, the Teatro delle Muse, Piazza del Plebiscito and Santa Maria and the Watch Tower. At Sirolo, the medieval walls with the tower, the Teatro Cortesi, the Abbey on the top of the Conero. At Cameran, the underground caves and the Maratti Museum. At Osimo, the Cathedral and the Diocesan Museum. In the "Land of Castles", at Agugliano, Camerata Picena, Offagna and Polverigi, the forts and fortifications of these little towns attract our attention, perfectly harmonising with the green countryside of their hills. At Filottrano, the Museum of two-wheeled Carts and of Peasant Civilisation. There is a rich heritage of traditions with which the tourist may come in contact through the historic pageants and numerous popular feasts. In particular we recall the celebration of the Medieval Feasts at Offagna, in the second half of July, the Dispute for the Boot at Filottrano in the first week in August and the Fair of St. Ciriacus at Ancona. According to tradition, the first accordion was made at Castelfidardo, where today numerous workshops still ensure the production of this romantic musical instrument.

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