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The History - There are few Italian cities that can boast about a history more ancient or tormented than that of Numana. The life here began as an archaic village already in the VI - V century B.C. Numana became an important commercial centre of the Greek world. The beach in the summer became a melting pot under the sun and thousands of tourists have seen in these centuries hundreds of ships passing, transporting industrial products and Greek art (bronzes and ceramiches). With the conquest of Piceno by the Romans the city became one of slaves, maintaining however a certain importance of that time. In 558 history records a powerful earthquake, whereas legend says that it became submerged by the sea.
The medieval centuries saw the slow and unarrestable decline of Numana that passed from a flourishing commercial centre, between the five principal maritime cities to its decline following a series of sackings. About the 1300's after having lost its independence and becomming a possession of the Church, another terrible earthquake caused the near total ruin of the town.
From then was lost the historical testimony and only at the beginning of the 1900's Numana was rediscovered by the Roman nobility who used it as their summer retreat. And from that moment began the "rising up" that has brought this town to be one of the most prestigious tourist posts on the Adriatic.

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