Quite a few students opt to placements abroad also thanks to the European funding. We have been to several countries on Leonardo projects. We are also working on a Comenius project to motivate our younger students and improve our teaching quality. It must also be said that most students work during the Summer season since the end of the initial course.
The present Principal is Prof. Nicola Latini.
    International experiences: We have cooperated and we are still cooperating with different partners in Europe.
  • Czech Republic
  • UK - Thames Valley University
  • UK - Rugby College
  • UK - Hull College
  • UK - Stratford College
  • F - Ecole Hotelire du Prigord
  • F - Jehanne de France, Lyon (Lyce professionnel)
  • F - Lyce Lurat, Paris
  • DK - Aalborg Tekniske Skole
  • DK - Stevnsgade Skole - Copenhagen
  • N - Bryne Videregaande Skole
  • N - Ole Vig Skole Stjordal
  • D - Pirna Hotelfachschule
  • D - Gut-Whelitz, Leipzig
  • Sweden
  • Cyprus
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • And more to come...
I.P.S.S.A.R. welcome students from Europe and overseas countries organizing placements in companies, inside training and cultural experiences.