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In May and June, this huge expanse of treeless plateau, 1250 mts above sea level, eight kilometres long and five wide, is transformed into a carpet of wild flowers. Among the poppies you'll find wild tulips and exotic alpine flowers such as carex buxbaumii. The mountains which frame it are also a botanist's paradise. Alpine Edelweiss (Leontopodion nivale), martagon lily, bear berry, Apennine cinquefoil and alpine buckthorn are just some of the species here.
The park is also rich in bird life - buzzards, kestrels, sparrow hawks as well as rare sightings of golden eagle, peregrine falcon, rock partridge, eagle owl and chough. The area still remains well off the usual tourist beat and its roads remain almost deserted apart from winter skiers and intrepid ramblers in high summer. Yet, for the most part, though they twist about through some of the Marche's remotest areas, they are reasonably easy to drive.
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