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Bojano is located in the southern area of the Apennines, at the foot of the Matese massif, on the Adriatic side. Bojano is partly built on the wide plateau known as the "Piana di Bojano", and partly at the foot of the Matese. The territory of the Bojano extends from its western extremity over the Matese to its eastern extremity on the river Biferno, and from its northern extremity at the point of "Bosco Popolo" at the boundary with Macchiagodena, to its extreme south of the Gallinola, on the border with the Campania region.
Within the territory of Bogano there are many built up areas. Apart from the central, 'capital' town, it is worth mentioning the three villages of Civita, the oldest village of Boiano, situated on the mountain; Castellone, a village which includes 9 localities; Monteverde, a village situated north-east of Boiano, at the foot of the hill which closes the plain of Boiano and which is made up of six groups of houses and by other small, built-up areas. Bojano, with its imposing churches, its many archaeological finds, its picturesque little corners, its stimulating cuisine with a base of trout and typical dairy products, has known how to capture the curiosity of tourists.

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