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Termoli is a tourist town and a bathing resort. It stands at a height of 15 metres on a promontory on the coast of Molise. "It is surrounded on three sides by the sea and on the fourth by the mainland, with very big& and strong ramparts and walls and it is guarded with only one gate leading towards the land." In these fete but eloquent words, on 17 February 1577, the Franciscan friar Serafino Razz' described the geographic elements that define the town.
The territory of Termoli was already inhabited in the sixth century B.C.; this is documented by the finding of certain necropoles which already show both a high degree of civilisation and the connections between this people and the Daunii and Piceni. In Longobard time the little promontory of Termoli began to play a leading role for the whole area, to the extent that, by the year one thousand, it was a bishop's see. During that period the town grew until it was raised to the status of a County, developing an intense religious life; in the "Comitatu Thermolensis" there were more than tuenty churches and monasteries. The Cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, was built towards the end of the twelfth century, right in the heart of the old town; it stands on the site of a previous church, the structures of which have been found, and is one of the most important buildings in Molise. In particular, its facade and its mosaic floors are especially fine artistic documents.

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