Hotels Termoli

It contains the remains of the two patron saints of the town, Saint Basso and Saint Timothy.
Another building which has become a symbol of the town is the Castle, mentioned as long ago as 1239, which stands like a rampart defending the town centre and, even today, maintains all its charm with a Norman keep standing on the trunk of a square pyramid, with corners ending in cylindrical ramparts.
Over the centuries the old town centre has maintained the appearance of a terrace overlooking the sea, characterized by a maze of tiny streets and squares where the aspects of life by the sea can still be seen. In summer these same treets and squares are crowded with tourists and holiday-makers, rediscovering a town on a human scale.
From the old town you can see the houbour which offers shelter to the fishing boats that supply the local market with the best fish in the Adriatic; the fish is skillfully cooked in the many restaurants in the town according to old Termoli recipes.