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The ancient itineraries that indicate the layout of the Roman road on the plain of the Padana to the Gallie, site of the inhabited Goesao, placed with a certain security Cesana, even if there is no merit in this certainty. The territory belonged to the Counts of Albon until the middle of the XIV century in the moment when the title and the land was given by the King of France.
In 1155 the Dauphin Guido V obtained from the Emperor Federico I, the power to mint in Cesana Torinese silver money without any symbol of power; from 1281 the money carried the dauphin, symbol of the Lords and present in all the coat of arms of the area. In 1343 Cesana became part of the Republic of the Escartons di Oulx until 1713, when with the Treaty of Utrecht it was given to the Savoia.

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