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The geographical position and climate of the Upper Susa Valley have had a remarkable importance in its development, namely, that today is has made the territory so varied and interesting from an environmental and naturalistic view point. Its forests form a natural heritage unique to the piedmontese landscape: vast forest of larch, scotch fir, mountain pine, silver fir, spruce fir, stone pine characterising the territory moving upwards from the floor of the valley up to and above 2000metres (totalling more than 160 million square metres of forest). On the floor of the valley and on the gentle slopes, fields separate the forest areas and lend harmony to the landscape. Other than forests, there are extensive areas of pasture (altogether 24 million square metres of grazing land) where hundreds of cattle and sheep are left to graze during the spring and summer months above 2500 metres. Numerous are the lakes, "gems", found in high altitudes and among the forests. Flowering is intense in the fields and pastures, characteristic of the valley, at the beginning of June until August, a variety of colour to be seen from countless species of flora from every angle of the valley. The fauna is also numerous - and visible at favourable times - characterized by the presence of red and roe deer, chamois, wild boar, eagle, partridge grouse, varied species of hare, fox etc. Also observed, the reappearance of wolves in the meritable naturalistic oasis "Parco Naturale del Gran Bosco" - which extends over the territory of various town councils in the Upper Susa Valley.

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