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The Romans influence left its mark on the Langhe, particularly in the field of winemaking, like the use of underground wine cellars, designed to protect the wine from harmful fluctuations in temperature. The Romans also introduced the use of wooden barrels for storing wine, replacing the terracotta containers used previously; they appropriated this practice from the Rhaetian peoples. History shows us that here as in the rest of the world the fortunes of the wine maker have their ups and downs. It was the arrival of Carlo Alberto who, seemed to appreciate the renowned wine produced by the Marchese Carlo Tancredi Falletti, lord of Barolo, that changed the fortunes of the wine producers of Barolo. The anecdotes, perhaps a little romantized, tell of at least 30 "carr" paid in tribute to the king, more than anything else they are testimony to the amount of history and tradition that rests on the shoulders of one of the most distinguished wines in the world. It's all about the Nebbiolo grape, the main grape variety used in the production of Barolo wine, which is now produced in eleven different municipalities in the Langa.
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