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Lake Maggiore (or Verbano) is a lake basin of northeastern Piedmont which borders with Lombardy and Switzerland, is the second largest among Italian lakes after Lake Garda. Sheltered by the Alpine ring, it occupies a valley gully probably of tectonic origin; it extends for 65 km with a prevalently NNE-SSW direction from Magadino to Sesto Calende; its maximum width is of 4,5 km (between Cannero Riviera and Germignaga, exluding the Borromeo Gulf) and has a surface of 212.2 km.
Its major surface is to be found in Italian territory, where it acts as a boundary between the region Piedmont and region Lombardy; only the extreme northern sector (42 km) belongs to Switzerland. Its coastline is 166 km long. Lake Maggiore's water receiving basin is very extensive including the valleys of the Ticino and the Toce rivers, besides that of the Maggio torrent; moreover, it receives even the waters of Lake Lugano through the Tresa stream, of Lake Orta through the Strona stream, of Lake Varese through the Bardello stream and of the Mergozzo Lake, which the alluvium deposits of the Tace river separates from the Borromeo Gulf; the only effluent is the Ticino river that leaves the lake at Sesto Calende, flowing into the Po River from the left, downstream of Pavia.

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