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Novara, the most Lombard of the Piedmontese cities is situated on the plain between the rivers Sesia and Ticino at the cross-roads between Piedmont and Lombardy. Novara may have been founded by the Ligurians, but it is to the Romans that it owes its name (they called it Novaria), as well as the chequered urban layout and its early prosperity as a commercial centre. An independent comune (municipal authority) during the Middle Ages, the city underwent occupation by the French, the Spanish, and the Austrians, before coming under the House of Savoy in 1738.
The historic city centre has a typically 19th c. look, with fine small palazzos built for the nobility and neo-classical buildings side by side with older survivals such as the Battistero (Baptistry) and the Palazzo del Broletto. Among Novara's most memorable gastronomic specialities is paniscia, a dish based on rice, which is grown intensively in the area, salame della dujia, gorgonzola, and the famous biscottini.

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