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The town of Acqui Terme boasts antique origins. Acqui Terme was founded by the Statielli, a native population who belonged to the Ligurian Ethnic group. The most important centre of this tribe was later conquered (II century B.C.) by the Romans. Due to it's favourable position and the considerable amount of thermal water in the town, Rome decided to create one of the most important spa centres.
The town flourished around the I century B.C. and was called "Aquae Statiellae". The most flourishing period was between the I and II century A.D. Testimonies in historical documentation by Plinio, Strabone, Seneca and Tacito. A visible sign of the towns ancient past can be seen by admiring the remains of the roman aqueduct, dating from the I century B.C. The town throughout the centuries became an ever growing important political and economical centre up until the XX century, when after the II World War, went through a decadence period.
This tendency has changed only during the last decade. Infact, the town has and is undergoing an important development campaign, especially throughout the historical centre, which today, together with the potential of the spa centres, the wine and gastronomy resources and the beautiful countryside, are valid reasons to attract a certain quality of tourism.

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