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Morbello, a town in the Monferrato Ovadese area located rises 402 metres above sea level. Its territory, lush with woodlands and freshwater springs, is comprised of the area between the Erro and Orba rivers. It is made up of the major country wards: Piazza, Vallosi and Costa. These three small towns are arranged along a main road and are immersed in a natural amphitheatre of green woods and delightful little valleys. The territory constitutes an area of particular interest from a floristic, geological, and speleological point of view.
At Morbello Costa, near a spring called La Tana, one may find interesting caves full of stalactites and stalagmites which are accessible only to the experienced. However, in the neighbouring woodlands there is such an abundance of wild mushrooms and chestnuts that it is particularly of interest to tourists. Besides these attractions, the area is also known for its many varieties of minerals and coal.
Places to see at Morbello: The castle ruins located at the summit of a hilltop overhanging the country ward of Piazza. This castle, although attacked on several occasions starting from the 17th century onwards, still preserves some of its original walls as well a part of the central tower, bastions and external fortifications. Recently, the entire area has been restored and transformed into a park. Also worth seeing is the parish church of San Sisto, which is located on a rocky promontory and preserves a beautiful Beccarian cloth. The Marocco Tower is yet another noteworthy sight, but all that remains are its ancient ruins.

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