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Stazzano is situated belongs to the Mountain group municipality of the Borbera and Spinti Valleys. Most of its territory is enclosed by a large, natural amphitheatre right at the doorway to the Po Valley. To the south, there are the spurs of the Ligurian-Piedmontese Apennines, with the mountainside of Mount Spineto (495 m) and, to the north, the rocky spur of Monterosso (430 m) which protects it from the cold northern winds.
Its rather particular geographical position and the characteristics of its territory mean that Stazzano finds itself in a band of transition, or rather of contact, between the continental Po Valley climate and the marine-Mediterranean climate of the nearby region of Liguria. Ancient records say nothing about the date of its foundation but, from documents which have been brought to light, it has been possible to establish its Roman origins.
Places to visit at Stazzano: The Sanctuary of Mount Spineto dating from the 17th century with a nave and two aisles and three altars, which overlooks the whole of the surrounding territory; the 16th century Bishop's Castle, subsequently transformed into a Seminary; the Naturalistic Museum founded in 1980 on the initiative of the Naturalisti di Stazzano group, this is located at the group's main base, in the Villa Gardella, and is home to an important collection of minerals and fossils.

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