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Situated at the southernmost side of Monferrato, at about 20 km from Asti, Agliano Terme immediately strikes one as a town of incredible beauty: the harmonious succession of hillsides, the tidy cultivations of vines which change colour with every season, the small groups of farmhouses, the typical sounds and fragrances of the countryside are the first, charming elements to welcome the visitor, transferring him, almost too abruptly, to a more serene and peaceful world. Agliano Terme cannot simply be defined as a country town: tourism exists alongside the ever-alive and important farming traditions, meaning that the people of Agliano are particularly open-minded and interested in whomsoever may show an interest in their town.
The worlds of farming and tourism here in Agliano Terme have reached an almost total fusion. In fact, around the agriculture, which remains the pivot of the town's economy, with the production of the excellent Barbera wine, there circles, almost like an indispensable satellite, the hotel industry, thriving on the exploitation of the highly effective spa waters.
Agliano Terme is the only town in the province of Asti where it is possible to undergo spa treatments which are highly advantageous for one's organism. At the two establishments which are situated in the Vallata delle Fonti flow forth copious quantities of chlorinated-sulphuric-sodic waters. Great use was made of these establishments at the beginning of the 1900's, during the Liberty period when, that is, spa treatments were considered to be the cure-all for all ills, later though, the Aglianesi waters were then a little put to one side upon the arrival of new medicines.
At present, however, the effectiveness of these waters has regained its old fame in a dimension projected towards the future. The water is generally used in the form of a beverage and is particularly suitable for ailments of the liver and bile ducts, as well as for illnesses related to the digestive tract, such as colitis or chronic gastritis or for constipation, also, indeed, for skin diseases, for which the waters are excellent in the form of baths.

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