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Founded by the Ligurians on a high plain, Asti, "Ast" in the Ligurian dialect means high land, the Roman Hasta Pompeia is mentioned by Pliny as amongst the more important Roman colonies of ancient Liguria. Presumably in 89 BC it was recognised as a Roman colony. Since then its economic importance grew and grew and, in 568, the height of its flourishing started, as seat of an important Duchy and a primary Court of Justice. Constituted as a Duchy under the Longobards, in County under the Franks, governed thereafter by the authority of the bishops, the city flourished vigorously towards the end of the XI century becoming, briefly, the most important commune in Piedmont.
In the XII century it became one of the richest and most powerful communes in Italy, had the right to coin money and gave life to flourishing commercial relations with France, Flanders and England. It preserved its republican form until 1313 when it passed into the hands of the Angevins, then the Visconti and finally the house of Savoy (1575). In the XVII and XVIII centuries, during the wars of succession of Spain and Austria for possession of the Monferrato, it was repeatedly invaded and occupied. In the Napoleonic era Asti became the capital of the Department of the Tanaro to return definitively to the house of Savoy after the restoration. After the unification of Italy the destiny of the city followed that of the new-born nation, blending wit the history of Italy.
What to see at Asti: the Palio, a large velvet pall/cloth with the Asti insignia and the representation of the Patron Saint Second, one intends also the animated and impassioned race which inflames the Astese lands; the Palazzo Civico is situated in the heart of the city and is the seat of the Comune since 1558; the Historical Communal Archive; the Jewish Museum; the Pinacoteca and Civic Museum; the Museum and crypt of Saint Anastasius; the Saint Peter Complex; the Trojan Tower.

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