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Buttigliera d'Asti, a town which is still prevalently agricultural, rose up in the years from 1263 and 1269 by wish of the municipality of Asti. After 1748, following the peace treaty of Aachen, various agricultural and commercial activities developed, leading to the affirmation of the earthenware pots industry, the most renowned of the province. In 1789, the construction of the new bell tower of the parish church in Baroque style was terminated.
Things to see at Buttigliera d'Asti: the parish Church of the Saints Martino and Biagio, of Medieval origins, housing precious sculptures from the 1700's - The Romanesque Church of San Martino, dating back to the Xth century, which preserves in its interior fragments of XIIIth century Romanesque-Gothic frescoes - The Church of San Michele dating from 1758, with a XIIIth century bell tower The historical residences, such as the XVIIth century Lombard and Biglione noble townhouses and the XVIIIth century Gillio di Mombello and Melyna townhouses. In the surrounding area, there are the country wards of Serra and Crivelle, the churches of which merit a visit.

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