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Agriturismo La Casa in Collina

The Farm

La Casa in Collina

Amerio Family's history starts with grandfather Carlo. In Sant'Antonio hamlet's country house, facing on the beautiful Asti's Langhe vineyards, he used to make a sweet wine and a noble, austere and robust Barbera d'Asti. Its by-name, "Giaj" (in piedmontese dialect it means "red hair man"), was used by the following generations to identify unique-taste wines, all indissolubly tied to the quality of their place of origin. The attachment to their roots and the will to maintain a specific and autonomous identity brought Luciano and Giancarlo Amerio to propose their tradition and their personal style giving birth to a farm located in the old Sant'Antonio's country house. The specific vineyard treatment, the attentive to each grape's health grape harvest and a wine-production adhering to the most modern methods are just some of the characteristics of these high-quality wines. 10 vineyard hectares give great prestige to the Moscato "C du Giaj" and to the robust and elegant Barbera d'Asti.

Barbera d'Asti

Moscato d'Asti

The farm's heart, that has its wine cellars in Canelli, remains Sant'Antonio country house; it is opened to welcome guests desiring to taste the wines. Here, life is more real and besides Luciano and Giancarlo you can meet the farm's heart and soul, Armanda, who will be glad to tell our guests the wine's adventure with simple words, handed down from granmother Adele and Valentina. Amerio family work in the vineyard with care and attention, adopting reasoned pruning and fertilizing in order to allow each stump's grape production to be inferior to the limits allowed by the Disciplinary.