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The origins of Cocconato d'Asti date back to the times of Ancient Rome: perhaps an ancient Ligurian settlement, from the bottom of the valley arose the legendary city of Marcellina, only to be destroyed during the barbaric invasions. During the last decades of the 1800's and the beginning of the 1900's, Cocconato's economy flourished. At the entrance of the main street, Via Roma, which was once called Contrada del Mercato vecchio and Via Maestra, we find the sixteenth-century church of the Most Holy Trinity, erected by the people as a votive offering against the plague.
Other monuments of notable importance are the imposing outline of the Palazzo Comunale town hall, in Gothic style, and the parish church named after Santa Maria della Consolazione, erected on the remains of a former church probably belonging to the castle of the Counts Radicati. The Church of Saint Caterina dates back to the year 1747 and is Baroque in style whereas the Tower was built by the Radicati family in the tenth century and is of particular interest and curiosity above all for its history. Finally, another church, the Church of Saint Bartholomeo, has existing traces of a hermitage from the 1500's in its parish house.

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