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San Marzano Oliveto, panoramically positioned on a hilltop at an altitude of 300 metres above sea level, is a cheerful, hospitable town. Thanks to its sheer tranquillity and beautiful landscape, similar to that found in Tuscany and Umbria, it exerts a particular attraction to foreigners, many of whom have selected San Marzano Oliveto for their own residence. In fact, its natural beauty, works of art and historical structures such as the castle and parish church all make it a significant tourist attraction. Local economy is primarily tied up in agriculture, mostly in fruit production and in the cultivation of vineyards.
The Castle: Although we know very little about its antiquity, discoveries have uncovered articles which date as far back as the Roman era. The complex itself is quite large and is composed of a main building surrounded by four square and sturdy towers. Crossing the threshold, we approach a spacious garden from which one may enjoy the picturesque panorama overlooking the valley. To the left is a medieval style parvis, inserted into the original construction only in the last century. The actual castle has managed to preserve its original structure, even though the portal was restored in 1884. The ancient wine cellars with arcs and vaults are reminiscent of the inside of a Gothic cathedral. Outdoors, from the splendid garden terrace is one of the most beautiful panoramas the area has to offer.
The Parish Church: Dedicated to San Marziano and dating back to the year 1200, this church is located in the castle square. Together with the castle, they represent the most important monuments in the town. Constructed in Renaissance style, with one aisle, the presbytery and choir are then finished in Neo-Classic style. Inside, we find decorations and pleasant furnishings, as well as numerous paintings, largely from the last century and attributed to the school of Lorenzo Ivaldi.

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