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In the past Nizza Monferrato was called Nicea Palearum in reference to the grass and straws that were found in the swamps of the zone used to cover the roofs. For this reason the city is known also with the name Nizza of the Straw. Nizza Monferrato is more important and famous center of the Belbo Valley. In spite the historical-political vicissitudes the country has had to endure during the course of the centuries has succeeded to maintain the qualities that characterize it. Today Nizza Monferrato is a famous center of wine production; the Barbera d'Asti is an example. Piemonte is the first Italian regions for its quantity and quality of produced wine.
The vineyard always has been considered a patrimony for the piemontesi. Nizza Monferrato is important for the cultivation of the "hunchback thistle" even if the industry is a fundamental activity. The city makes part of the National Association City of the Wine that values the natural resources, environmental, artistic, historical and tourist of the common that they join favoring them in the economic and social development. Nizza Monferrato is important also for its monuments: in the historical village rests of medieval buildings are found, the communal palace with the tower, and various patricians palaces.
The Sanctuary of the Madonna di Loreto, the Church of Saint Giovanni in Lanero and the Church of Saint Siro are interesting religious monuments without to forget the museum "Bersano" in Dante Square. Nizza Monferrato is also festival, festivities, manifestations and associate-cultural events. The Fair of the Saint Christ, the Fair of Saint Carl, the biological market, the handicraft and the antique dealing market and the Race of the Botti.

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