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Rocca d'Arazzo of the upper Monferrato area stretches along a ridge, following the right bank of the river Tanaro. The origins of Rocca d'Arazzo go back to about the year One Thousand. Since the Early Middle Ages, due to its imposing location, it was called Rocca (Rupes), often combined with the name of the Patron Saint, thus becoming Rocca San Genesio. The Airazi family had jurisdiction over it between the XIIth and XIVth centuries, resulting in the name Rocca degli Airazi and, thus, the present Rocca d'Arazzo.
Today, the economy of the town is sustained principally by the wine making industry and by the lively commercial and artisan activities. The Patron Saint's day is towards the end of August, and is celebrated with gastronomic evenings and sports contests, but other festivals in the town are also worth mentioning: the Sagra dell'Agnolotto (a typical type of raviolo) e del Barbera (wine) festival held at the beginning of August in the hamlet of Santa Caterina, and the Festa dell'Amicizia di Ferragosto festival in mid August in the hamlet of San Carlo.
Things to see are at Rocca d'Arazzo: The Church of Santo Stefano and Santa Libera, a small jewel of Romanesque art. The construction probably dates from earlier than the year One Thousand. Recently, in the apse, two frescoes from the fourteen hundreds have been restored, one depicting Christ beside a deacon, the other depicting a veiled Saint. The Palazzo Cacherano, a large building constructed between the XVIIth and the XVIIIth centuries by the Cacherano counts, is today used as the Town Hall. The parish Church of the Saints Genesio and Stefano, which dates back to the 1300's and which preserves a valuable sixteenth century wooden crucifix. The Chiesa della Madonna, a small country church which was built in the 1800's.

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