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The truffle has been known and valued from the beginning of times. The most bizarre hypotheses have been elaborated on its origin. According to some, the truffle is the fruit produced by the germination of mud due to the impact of a lightening on the earth, according to others it is the reproductive part of some peculiar insects or a unique mineral sample. Nowadays, however, it is known that the truffle consists of the fruiting body of the hypogean mushrooms, due to the fact that they develop under the ground, belonging to the family of symbionts. They live in close contact with the roots of some trees like the poplar, oak, willow and the lime tree. Several different species of truffle are found in the world, but among the most valuable ones there is without doubt the Tuber Magnatum Pico, commonly known as White Truffle of Alba. The latter grows in clayey-calcareous soil. Its shape is irregular and flatter in solid terrain while rounded in the softer one at a maximum altitude of 400-500 meters. Its colour varies from white, sometimes enriched by rose-tinted veining, to grey-brown depending on the trees with which the truffle lives in symbiosis. The truffle has a short life, but it can be preserved for few days in a fresh-aired place covered by a cotton cloth or else a blotting paper. The White Truffle has an intense and unique scent and it is tasted by the most delicate palate rigorously row as it enriches the typical dishes of the Langa' s cookery.