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Fossano is situated in the heart of the ducal lands, where ancient castle stand out amid the mild hills on the foot of the Alps, creating a spectacular vista. Founded in the Middle Ages at the heart of a vast agricultural region, the town quickly became the hub of traffic and markets in the area and enjoyed its time of greatest prosperity between the 17th c. and the 18th c. It was in this period that the town was embellished by a succession of grandiose Baroque buildings, such as the Palazzo del Comandante (18th c., now a bank) and churches like the Chiesa della Santissima Trinit (173038) and the Chiesa di San Filippo Neri (18th-c., on the site of an earlier building). But Fossano's most impressive historic building is unquestionably the Castello dei Principi dAcaja, originally a simple quadrilateral of crenellated walls with four towers, and converted, in the 15th c., into a residence for the nobility.
The family of the House of Savoy extended the original building to incorporate the Princes apartment, the hall, the chapel, and the inner courtyard. The frescoes which decorate the rooms of the palazzo were commissioned from C. Caracca by Carlo Emanuele I of Savoy at the end of the 16th c. Only in the 17th and the 18th century, once it became a property of the main branch of the Savoy, Fossano became an extremely beautiful and wealthy city and the structure of the town started to be shaped as it is at present, with the construction of baroque public and aristocratic buildings.

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