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The castle of Magliano Alfieri is an ancient fortress, the structure one can see today was built in 1649, however the site itself dates back to 996. Built by the Conte Catalano Alfieri, the grandiose castle residence has a baroque facade and a monumental entrance with a grand staircase.
The castle of Magliano Alfieri was built in the second half of the 1700's to replace an earlier medieval fortification, and today represents an elegant nobleman's residence in the baroque style. The building's design bears the signature of Benedetto Alfieri who elaborated on a earlier design by Guarino Guarini.
Along the facade and over hanging the grand courtyard, is a long window lined balcony from which one can admire the wide double staircase and the countryside below. The interior of the castle is decorated with frescoes, painted by artists such as Luigi Vacca, Andrea Piazza and Carlo Pagani.

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