Anfiteatro Apartments - The style of the building is completely new and modern, but the furnishings have just the correct warmth and harmony; the premises are positioned so that they benefit from sunlight all around, and every apartment has a fabulous balcony overlooking the Cuneo valley which lies before the mountain chain of the Alps. On the ground floor, there is a garage, access to the commonly shared rooms, the gym and there is also a lift.
On the first floor, on the terrace, there is the entrance hall and the swimming pool. This hillside location overlooks the valley and, from the hill of Monforte d'Alba, it is possible to admire the hills of the Langhe area surrounding it, dotted with the numerous little hilltop towns.
The hillsides of vineyards, a primary resource for the area, provide the setting for this splendid scenario and, every season, offer glimpses of enchanting panoramas.