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The interest to safeguard the environment and landscape has rendered Cumiana an attractive tourist destination. It's characterized from an extensive and multifarious territory made up from hills, binnacles, boroughes on which we can find the Parco Montano Provinciale of the Tre Denti and of the Freidoir that takes the name from the two summits that surpass it and they divide it from the Val of the Walnut. Cumiana is the Common one of Europe with more fractions and it is in ideal position for to pass relaxant and cultural vacations.
The flora of park is rich of arboreals species notes in environment variegate you like beech, the maple tree, the birch, the hazel-three and mediterranean exemplary like crenate Quercus and Quercus ilex that they are lecci. Also from the faunistico point of view we can find many exemplary particular like the travelling hawk, the civets, the weasel,red and green pecker, the squirrel, the faina and many others.
Cumiana is rich moreover of events, folkloristic activities like: Cumiana Pedala", not competitive ciclistica contest; "Naturally Cumiana fair of the good health and the natural one". We remember an other event a lot important to tourist level that it is carried out in the day called "Citt d'Arte a Porte Aperte" where will be possible to visit: the church of Saint Maria of the Motta, the Confraternity of the S.S. Rocco and Sebastiano; the Castle of the Coast, the church of Saint Giovanni Batiste and the Tower of San Gervasio that is the more ancient romance bell of Piemonte.

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