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Pinerolo lies beneath the Cozie Alps, at the mouth of the Chisone valley where it meets the Lemina and Pellice valleys. It is an important economic, commercial, industrial and craft centre. There are only a few visible signs remaining of its history, but these signs are today allowed to show through and be read easily, because of the cultural liveliness of the present-day town. Pinerolo could be defined as the most French of Italian towns, and offers the visitor the chance to explore, on foot, the most significant stages in its history. These emerge silently out of the charm of the low arcades, the narrow alleyways, the facades of the remaining medieval buildings and the churches, and from the visual glimpses that open up unexpectedly and range over the whole arch of the Cozie Alps or to the plain as far as Turin and the Langhe.

by Montagnedoc

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