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Very typical of the entire inhabited centre for both the upper, older part and the lower, more recent area is the way houses are lined up with varying setbacks along the street so they would not take away each others sun and air.
Behind each house there was and today partly remains a green area which could have been in vineyard, lawn, flower or vegetable garden. At the rear of the lot was a building used as cowshed, toolshed or servants quarters. This had immediate service access to a country alleyway along which houses were not built.
The main buildings were rather important and today there remains a rich documentation of this architectural heritage which distinguishes Cannobio from the other centres along the lake coasts; including wooden doors, and stone shaped balconies, wroughtiron railings, property surrounded by high walls and garden terrace walls surmounted by unrefined stone pillars, with streets paved with cobbles and sidewalks in worked stone.