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Oggebbio's name does not indicate a single country but a group of fifteen small villages divided in part on the river of the lago and in part in the rear mountain. The communal center is found in the locality of Gonte; the other villages are: Barb, Resega, Rancone, Caldessino, Mozzola, Quarcino, Piazza, Dumera, Pieggio, Spasolo, Cadevecchio, Camogno, Novaglio and Travallino.
The wonderful contrast between lake and mountain makes that Oggebbio is a famous tourist goal recalling tourists from every part of the world to admire the beauties of the natural and artistic places. The mild climate of the zone allows to relax making long walks in the forests, excursions by horse-riding in the numerous paths, nautical sports. To visit the Oratory of the Madonna of the Misericordia, the Oratory of the Parochial, the Bell tower, the Villa of the Pasci, the Oratory of Sant'Agate.

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