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The culture and history of this area have been "rediscovered" in recent decades, which has been a considerable boost to the economy in these hills. Wild and labyrinthine, magical and disquieting, the rocche or ridges typify the hills on the left of the Tanaro. They cut through the entire area like a deep wound and form a line that goes from Bra and Pocapaglia to Mont and Cisterna. The true soul of the Roero is to be found right here, in these pure surroundings full of atmosphere and charm. It is a land that has captured the public's imagination, which has made it a place for bandits and hermits and witches as well. Throughout this territory, history has left ancient and beautiful castles, manor houses and monuments. Set in amongst breathtaking landscapes combed by rows of vineyards, most of these monuments are opened to the public. There are three buildings of particular historical interest, that cast their long sinuous shadows across the irregularly shaped "piazza del Municipio" in Guarene. The town hall with a colonade that opens its faade, the Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata, built in 1699 in the baroque style, and the restored Palazzo Re Rebaudengo, now internationally renowned as an exhibition centre for contemporary art. Belonging to the Conti Piovana and dominating the village is the large castle, it bears testimony to the baroque tastes of the era in which it was built. To the south east of Castellinaldo, in a setting with a breathtaking view, one finds the Cappella di San Servazio. The castle that stands in Castellinaldo today, is the result of a series of restructurations and alterations that started in the 1500's.
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