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From a purely naturalistic point of view, the Alta Murgia is the widest area of steppe vegetation in the whole of the Italian territory. The Alta Murgia National Park alone includes 50,000 hectares of inaccessible, stony pastureland, rocky ground, and garrigues, with another 30,000 hectares cultivated in durum wheat, forage, olives, grapes, and almonds. In addition, there are also 11,000 hectares of copse woods, full of Downy oak, Macedonian oak, Kermes oak, holm oak, Turkey oak and English oak.
As far as the fauna is concerned, along with the typical array of common species, there are a number of Egyptian vultures, the extremely rare prairie hen, wildcats and wild boars. With regard to amphibians we find the Italian newt, the yellow-bellied frog, and the emerald toad. Finally, amongst the species of reptiles, there is the land tortoise, the leopard snake and two species of non-venomous snakes.
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