Its name is not merely a whim; it expresses a need to find and restore our natural cycles as human being belonging to mother earth and to the universe; "lama" is like a valley, thus "valley of the moon": the moon being an element closely connected with its cycles of sowing and harvest and life, to which humankind belongs. Lama di Luna is an organic agricultural firm whose 180 hectares of land, with its cherry and almond orchards, vineyards, vegetable gardens and natural pastures, are cared for by organic methods, with periodic inspections from the AIAB certification body.
The farm itself was built in 1800 and, until now, never restored. It has now been restructured according to bio-construction criteria, fully respecting centuries-old traditions, where each tiny detail has been carefully planned so that energy circulates in the nine guest rooms, each with its own ancient fireplace, and each room evokes an atmosphere of days gone by.