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The Caves of Castellana, located 40 km from Bari, mark the route of an underground river, and were discovered in 1938. They form a grand complex of caves, the most beautiful currently known in all of Italy. The stalactite and stalagmite concretions are splendid and the tunnel development is amazing. Two itineraries are available, the short one covering about 1 km, or the complete route which covers 3 km and lasts two hours. The access stairway leads right to the bottom of the "Grave", a spacious chasm with a natural sky light, in the centre of which emerges a group of colossal stalagmites, known as the "Cyclops".
From the "Grave" a pathway unfolds which, passing first by the "Grotta Nera" or "Black Cave", finally arrives at the "Caverna dei Monumenti" or "Monument Cavern". Following this is the "Owl Cave", which contains stalagmite concretions which remind one of the form of a little owl. Onwards, one moves from the "Corridor of the Snake to the Cavern of the Altar", with stalagmites which resemble candles. At 500 meters from the "Grave", another cavern opens up, this being the "Precipice Cavern", from which, passing through the 450 meter long "Desert Corridor", one arrives at the "New Caves" which then lead on to the "White Cave". The return itinerary allows for a variation, passing instead by the "Cavern of the Alabaster Waterfall" and the "Manger Corridor". The caves are home to the italodite, a coleopteran beetle which does not exist in any other part of the world.
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