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From the reliefs of the southern Murgia area, Ostuni, white with light and lime, overlooks the Adriatic sea, offering itself to the visitor in all its radiant beauty. Located at the edge of the Itria Valley, it preserves the reserved bashfulness of the tumbledown villages of this rather intriguing strip of land, together its own gaiety and liveliness, typical of the towns which have developed beside the sea, from which it is just six kilometres away. A landscape full of charm and fascination which is characterised by the presence of olive trees, abundantly scattered on the plains and on the rocky crags. A town filled with historical stratification which, over the course of time, has been Messapian and Roman; it has know the rule of the Lombards, of Byzantium, of the Normans, the Swabians, the Angevins and the Aragonese, as well as the tyranny of the Spanish family of the Zevallos, the Bourbon government, and the anarchical tension of the Italian Risorgimento.
This ancient village, ensconced in the candid outflow of lime, bewitches and intrigues with manifold summons. From this place, it is possible to pursue and grasp the traces of the times and the civil and religious history of the peoples who inhabited the place, or to simply lose oneself in the inextricable labyrinth of the narrow white streets, immerse oneself, forgetting the weight of history, in that dreamy atmosphere where the voices of a simple and cordial humanity resound. Enclosed and fortified in its circle of walls, the old centre extends here and there in airy terraces; almost balconies in space in the discovery of the most enchanting of panoramas: the hill descends in a series of vegetable gardens and silvery olive groves towards the crystal clear azure of the sea. Ostuni marina, twenty kilometres of multiform coastline bounded by the typical Mediterranean scrub vegetation, complete with all kinds of tourist facilities. A delightful counterpoint to the bright colours of Ostuni marina are the quieter tones and the lyrical tranquillity of the countryside, defined as "la selva" (the forest), this is the kingdom of the mythical trulli, symbol and emblem of the farming civilisation. But this is not all that makes up Ostuni, entrusting oneself to a "classic" guide may deprive the visitor of the pleasure of discovering it, step by step, in the wealth of its landscapes and in its rich historical, artistic, folkloristic and human heritage.
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