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The Umbra Forest, 11 thousand hectares of wood, the green lung in Apulia, the place where people from the Gargano have made a living. It's the Gargano heart, that characterizes, together with the sea, the most magical promontory in the Mediterranean area. It is a place where biological differences are protected, together with animals and plants important for the entire world. A visitor should start from the "Visit centre", where there is a very interesting museum provided with collection devoted to plants, animals and the memories of the place. It is also possible to admire deer, protected by a fence, and to stop by the pic-nic area.
Not to be missed the "little lake", the Cutino di Umbra. From a naturalistic point of view, the Umbra Forest is characterized by many typical animal species: roe-bucks, deer, wild boars, wild cats, badgers, dormice, hedgehogs, and more still live in peace in one of the greater green lung in the south of Italy. Trees are however the kings of the forest. And among the trees the first is the beech, which little by little, in thousands of years. The most popular and big beech in the forest, called the Colossus of the forest, is 40 metres tall and its circumference is 5 metres. The oldest beech in the Umbra Forest is seven hundred years old, 18 metres tall.
Another typical element in the forest are the cutini, Karst wells in the ground. There are the Falascone and the Lungo cutini, the Signora pool, but they all disappear during dry seasons. To be seen also the Vore di Coppa delle Stelle, a fossil 30 metres deep hole in the ground.
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