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Archaeology - The island showing the most ancient traces of human presence is that of S. Domino. At the centre of the plateau in the district of Prato Don Michele, there are the remains of an ancient Neolithic village (VII Millennium B.C.), characterised by stamped, cut and lapped pottery. Three ancient and medieval shipwrecks have been found which lie off the Western (Punta del Vapore) and Southern (Punta del Diavolo) coastline of the island of S. Domino. The island of S. Nicola shows traces of a protohistoric settlement dating back to the I Millennium B.C. and to the beginning of our times. There are holes for the posts of probable Iron Age (IX-VII century B.C.) huts in the high part. The sequences of the holes are interrupted by sepulchral graves and two cavelike tombs, one of which has been wrongly called Diomedes Tomb, which may date back to the Classical and Hellenistic Age. On the lower terrace of the Island, precisely under the town hall, a fragment of mosaic flooring was discovered which belonged to a domus romana. Recently in the vicinity of the port, rooms excavated in the rock have been discovered which contain transporting amphora.