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Attractions - There are a lot of tourist attractions. The splendid Cala delle Arene, Cala degli Inglesi, Cala Matano, present on S. Domino, can easily be reached on foot to spend whole days in the sun bathing in crystal clear variously coloured water. It is possible to get away from the most crowded areas and reach the remaining splendid bays that surround islands with small craft. It is also possible to admire the beauty of the coastal formations like rocks (Scoglio dell'Elefante), isolated crags (I Pagliai) and natural arches (l'Architiello). Then there are the mysterious caves: Grotta delle Viole with its vertically rocks, Grotta delle Rondinelle, Grotta del Sale, Grotta del Bue Marino. It is also possible for tourists to sail around the islands on the numerous ships belonging to a cooperative, which operate in the summer showing the beauty of the Tremiti coast. Amongst these, there is the pleasure boat Nautilus that has a glass bottom from which the beauty of the sea bottoms full of rich marine organisms like molluscs, crustaceans, echinoderms and numerous species of fish can be admired. On S. Domino there are some Diving Centres where, amongst other things, you can book a guided tour both along the most interesting soundings around the Islands and aroung the site where the statue of Padre Pio is emerged. This statue was sculpted by Mimmo Norcia. However, the Tremiti islands are not only sea. A visit to S. Nicola means a trip back into the past: just by looking at the walls of the Fortress you can relive the history of a warring abbey still struggling against the Saracen or Dalmatian pirates. The Medieval cloisters, the Renaissance one and St. Mary church with its Polyptych and the wooden Crucifix, this is just a selection of the splendid architectural work to be admired on the island of S. Nicola.