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Lesina lies on a small peninsula on the southern shores of the Lesina lagoon. Its origins are uncertain but the discovery of the remains of huts and tools probably dating to the Bronze Age leads to the conclusion that the area was inhabited in prehistoric times. Lesina, which was of some importance at the time of the Lombards, in 663 offered hospitality to the inhabitants of Lucera fleeing the troops of Emperor Costant II. Before passing under the rule of the Byzantine, it was a district ruled by the Principality of Benevento. From the XI to XVI centuries it was en episcopal seat. The Turks sacked the area and it was often devastated by earthquakes and floods.
Ownership of the lake was long contended by the Benedictine abbey of Montecassino and the one on the Tremiti Islands, The lake of Lsina was indeed also the heart of the economy of the area and in the past fishing end hunting represented an important source of income. The lake, which should more correctly be called a lagoon, is elongated end lies parallel to the coast; it is 22 km long and between 2 km and 3 km wide. Is closed in by low shores. It is separated from the sea by a strip of coastal vegetation called Bosco Isola where the tourist resort of Marina di Lesina was built.

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