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Spot View of Peschici Peschici is a typical inhabitated centre perched on a small promontory above the sea. It was founded in X century and it still preserves characteristic ancient vaulted homes of oriental style. The town stands on a pleasant panoramic location overlooking the near Manacore (6 km) and San Menaio. Traces of prehistoric settlements were found in its surroundings. The inhabitants are named either "peschicesi" or "Peschiciani". Along the coast stretching East of Peschici, around the towns of San Nicola, Solemar and Manacore, there has been a development of many touristic centers modernly organized.
Peschici is really typical in structure, with a continuously undulating streets, little steps and steep alleys, chimney-tops and little balconies, outside steps, are vaults and chimneys. The white of the houses is cheered up by the colours of the flowers and the pottery in the small shops. Peschici is nowadays one of the most visited town in the Gargano. In the town there are the remains of the ancient surrounding walls, like the Tower and the Porta del Ponte, from which you can enter the village; the Porta di Basso and the Recinto Baronale from the XVI century. In the town centre are the Chiesa Madre, consacrated to Sant'Elia; the Church of Santa Maria del Suffragio, Known as Del Purgatorio, the Church of Sant'Antonio.

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